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Why use BenPropertySolutionsLTD?

  • No Admin Fees
  • No Dead Listings
  • Rent & Cash By Hand
  • Online & Transparent

How BenPropertySolutionsLTD Works For Tenants

Save Time by Filtering out Suitable Properties

You'll only see properties that are available now, with no fees, appropriate pictures, and all the details up front. We have thousands of properties all over the UK.

As soon as a property isn't available, we take it offline. If you've already enquired about a property that gets taken, we'll email you right away. If you only want to see properties suitable for pets, DSS, students or families, then just tick a box and that's all you'll see.

Save Time by Filtering out Suitable Properties

Just Click to Book a Viewing or Speak to Landlord

Find a property you love? Just press 'Get Property'. You'll get the landlord name and email, send a message directly to the landlord. You can speak to them directly, ask questions about the property and find a good time to view.

BenPropertySolutionsLTD will protect your identity and mask your details while you arrange the viewing. Get all the info you need straight from the landlord - not a middleman.

View the Property of Landlord

View the property and take a look around.Contact to the Landlord by given UK Number, The landlord will be there to answer all your questions, without a letting agent getting in the way or piling on the pressure.

This is your chance to find out about your new home from the person who knows it best. Don't worry if you forget anything! You'll be able to message the landlord directly after the viewing, too.

Click Get Property to Reserve the Property

If the viewing has gone well, press Get Property to reserve the property. You'll view the landlord name and mobile number. You can contact on that number to the Landlord. If the tenancy goes ahead, you will be able to get the property.


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