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BenPropertySolutionsLTD Privacy Policy

This is the security articulation for - Limited ( or We). - is a privately owned business (organization number ) with its enrolled office at (Address Here) 

With the end goal of the Data Protection Act (Since here ) and the General Data Protection Regulation (Since/Any Product No) the information regulator is Limited. - is enlisted at the ICO with the number 

is focused on securing and regarding your protection. This arrangement sets out the premise on which any close to home information We gather from you or that you give to us, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, will be prepared by us. If you don't mind read the accompanying cautiously to comprehend our perspectives and works on with respect to individual information and how We treat it.

The General Data Protection Regulation (SINCE HERE)

In this announcement We have utilized certain terms which are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (SINCE HERE) (GDPR or the Regulation): individual information implies any data identifying with a distinguished or recognizable regular individual (information subject); a recognizable characteristic individual is one who can be recognized, legitimately or by implication, specifically by reference to an identifier, for example, a name, an ID number, area information, an online identifier or to at least one components explicit to the physical, physiological, hereditary, mental, the financial, social, or social personality of that ordinary person. regulator implies the characteristic or legitimate individual, public power, organization, or other body which, alone or together with others, decides the reasons and methods for the preparing of individual information. processor implies a characteristic or lawful individual, public position, organization, or other body which measures individual information in the interest of the regulator. preparing implies any activity or set of tasks which is performed on close to home information or on sets of individual information, regardless of whether via robotized implies, for example, assortment, recording, association, organizing, capacity, transformation or change, recovery, discussion, use, divulgence by transmission, dispersal or in any case making accessible, arrangement or blend, limitation, eradication or demolition.

What We Do

BenPropertySolutionsLTD is a web based letting operator, offering administrations and instruments to make leasing more pleasant, more secure, and less expensive for everybody. BenPropertySolutionsLTD helps land owners and proprietors (together, Landlords (being either genuine or imminent Landlords)) in discovering inhabitants and making tenures; and offers a scope of different administrations identifying with leasing and overseeing investment properties. BenPropertySolutionsLTD helps imminent and genuine inhabitants (all things considered, Tenants (which for the motivations behind this protection articulation, will be esteemed to incorporate any individual underwriters of any Tenant)) in discovering properties to lease and making tenures; and offers a scope of different administrations identifying with leasing properties. For the reasons for this Privacy Policy, Landlords and Tenants are alluded to all in all, as Users.

Our Status Under GDPR

Contingent upon the idea of the association, We may go about as a processor in that We are following up on directions from our Users when We offer our types of assistance to them; and when We control the reasons and methods for the handling of individual information, for example, preparing our representatives' very own information, We go about as a regulator, as characterized under GDPR. What Lawful Reasons Do We Use To Process Personal Data? The lawful motives BenPropertySolutionsLTD makes use of to procedure personal data are set out in Article 6 of the Regulation and with appreciate to the business version undertaken through BenPropertySolutionsLTD our processing is lawful given that at the least one of the following applies: the records issue has given consent to the processing of his or her personal records for one or more specific purposes (Consent). Processing is vital for the performance of a contract to which the records concern is a celebration or to be able to take steps on the request of the statistics concern previous to moving into a agreement (Contract Performance). Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation which We are difficulty to (Legal Obligations). Processing is necessary for the purposes of the valid pastimes pursued by way of BenPropertySolutionsLTD except in which our pastimes are overridden via the pursuits or essential rights and freedoms of the information situation which require protection of private facts, specially in which the statistics subject is a child (Legitimate Interest). Consent Where We procedure private records as a result of statistics problem consent, We make certain that consent is freely given, specific, and informed; and mounted by a clear affirmative act. Where consent is withdrawn, We have set out (beneath) how this will be undertaken.

Contract Performance

Where We enter into a settlement, processing of personal data may also, as a count number of path, be necessary so that it will execute such a contract or take pre-agreement guidance steps.

Legal Obligations

Where We have felony responsibilities that follow to BenPropertySolutionsLTD processing of personal facts can be required by way of law.

Legitimate Interest

Where We process private statistics as it is necessary for the cause of our valid interests, We do so on the idea of a balanced assessment of our interests and the rights and freedoms of the information concern which require protection. Presently, We have concluded that the manner We manipulate the processing of private statistics outcomes in a cumulation of statistics concern protections which display that the stability is in favor of BenPropertySolutionsLTD being able to depend upon Article 6.1(f) of the Regulation as a lawful cause to method non-public facts.

Sensitive Personal Data

Where BenPropertySolutionsLTD approaches touchy non-public records on behalf of a User, BenPropertySolutionsLTD does so on the basis that the User has mounted a lawful exception to the prohibition on processing sensitive personal facts beneath Article 9 of the Regulation; and where BenPropertySolutionsLTD is processing sensitive personal data of personnel, it does so pursuant to its employment courting with its personnel and so uses the exception set out in paragraph 2(b) of Article 9 of the Regulation.

Use Of Personal Data: Overview

How BenPropertySolutionsLTD collects and makes use of non-public data differs based totally on the nature of the interplay with the individual whose non-public records We are processing. For example, non-public statistics supplied with the aid of a potential Tenant whilst registering on the BenPropertySolutionsLTD internet site can be used for numerous purposes and in a specific potential with the aid of us, depending on the nature of the offerings We are imparting. Where BenPropertySolutionsLTD engagement of an worker requires the processing of the worker's private information, We have also set out how this will be conducted. As a result, We have defined how private information can be processed whilst used within our commercial enterprise, and in the context of the services we provide during our business lifestyles-cycle, i.e. Within the context of the offerings We offer Landlords and Tenants, respectively. In addition, We have stated other services which require the processing of private statistics and how We process the private records of 1/3 events. In popular, our goal is to inform thru being obvious while being consistent with the necessities of the Regulation.


How private statistics are gathered: Landlords interested by studying more approximately BenPropertySolutionsLTD offerings can input their information into our internet site at BenPropertySolutionsLTD or any landing pages hosted at BenPropertySolutionsLTD or thru an inquiry form, or Landlords might also email or name us without delay the usage of contact information provided on our website or somewhere else. This will likely be for the purposes of entering into dating with BenPropertySolutionsLTD through the reputation of our phrases and situations, soliciting for that We touch them, reading or downloading facts, or soliciting for a guide from our support group. From time-to-time, We may additionally meet business-applicable connections at activities or studies people using social media platforms. Where those individuals are approached (or technique us) of their potential as employees in their organization, the interplay can appear as a business to business exchange. Type of private information amassed: Landlord personal data might encompass a name, telephone variety, home cope with, e-mail deal with, a corporation of work, and IP address from the tool being used, on-line identifiers, assets, and assets-associated statistics and region statistics. We will not knowingly acquire sensitive non-public information. Where a Landlord visits our website, We may also accumulate and method information approximately their website utilization (e.g. Browsing history and information approximately their navigation through our internet site) using cookies and different similar technology. During communications, We may also process information about the interactions undertaken with us. Who controls the personal data: Where (by way of agreeing to nine BenPropertySolutionsLTD phrases and conditions) a Landlord enters into an agreement with BenPropertySolutionsLTDand BenPropertySolutionsLTD gives services to the Landlord, the Landlord controls the purposes of the processing of private data under the settlement and is a controller. Who techniques the non-public information: Where BenPropertySolutionsLTD is acting upon the instructions of the Landlord pursuant to the terms of their agreement, BenPropertySolutionsLTDis a processor. In addition, Landlord private information is processed by means of BenPropertySolutionsLTD and our internet site, e-mail, CRM, advertising and marketing platform vendors, and 1/3-birthday party contractors, who manner personal records on our behalf. This is undertaken in a manner this is steady with the Regulation and the privacy Directive. Where private records is saved; how private statistics is used: Landlord non-public records is saved in our databases and is basically used to allow us to supply our services. It can also be used to ship news and statistics about our services, to enforce and enhance our services, which includes layout and content material, to manage our website and for inner operations, inclusive of troubleshooting, information analysis, trying out, research, statistical and survey purposes, as part of our efforts to preserve our website secure and cozy, to measure or recognize the effectiveness of any advertising We serve to you and others, and to supply applicable information. How lengthy private data is saved: Landlord personal information is stored by BenPropertySolutionsLTD in the course of the Landlord's agreement with the Tenant and thereafter in step with prescribed hindrance durations under English regulation. Where the Landlord withdraws consent to get hold of advertising and marketing cloth from BenPropertySolutionsLTD or, retention of private statistics is now not important pursuant to the standards set out in Article five of the Regulation, personal information will both be deleted or archived. Where private facts is archived, it's far kept to make sure that BenPropertySolutionsLTDdoes now not lose its information with recognize to advertising consent, or the fact of its withdrawal.


How private information is accumulated: Tenants interested by mastering extra about BenPropertySolutionsLTD offerings can enter their details on our internet site at BenPropertySolutionsLTD or any touchdown pages hosted at BenPropertySolutionsLTD or thru an inquiry form, or Tenants may e-mail or name us immediately using contact details furnished on our website or somewhere else. Tenants provide non-public records to BenPropertySolutionsLTD for the functions of gaining access to BenPropertySolutionsLTD services. Personal statistics is accrued while the Tenant populates their info on line thru the BenPropertySolutionsLTD website or an affiliate internet site run with the aid of companions such as Rightmove and Zoopla. During the route of the availability of BenPropertySolutionsLTD offerings to the Tenant, the Tenant may also reveal additional non-public data, which may additionally involve multiple media. Type of private facts accumulated: Data gathered through the BenPropertySolutionsLTD website from Tenants may include name, phone wide variety, home deal with and past addresses, employment reputation and employment history, e mail address, and the IP address from the tool being used, online identifiers, and vicinity records. On occasion, We may additionally acquire touchy private statistics. Where a Tenant visits our internet site, We may additionally gather and method facts about their website utilization (e.g. Browsing history and records about their navigation through our internet site) using cookies and other similar technology. During communications, We may manner statistics about the interactions undertaken with us. Who controls the non-public information: When (by using agreeing to BenPropertySolutionsLTD phrases and conditions) a Tenant discloses personal information to BenPropertySolutionsLTD) with the intention to the use of BenPropertySolutionsLTD services to help the Tenant in finding properties to lease, the ensuing disclosure of private statistics to Landlords is controlled by means of BenPropertySolutionsLTD When the data has been disclosed to the Landlord for the functions of in addition conversation regarding renting the property, the Landlord will then be the controller of the records. Where the Tenant instructs BenPropertySolutionsLTD to help the Tenant with developing a tenancy for a particular assets (as an instance, via putting a protecting deposit thru BenPropertySolutionsLTD internet site the use of our Rent Now carrier), the processing of private facts on this context is managed via the Tenant. Who strategies the non-public statistics: Where the Tenant, thru BenPropertySolutionsLTD commences discussions with the Landlord as a way to agreeing on a settlement with the Landlord; and Tenant non-public facts has been disclosed to the Landlord via BenPropertySolutionsLTD Tenant non-public data is sent to the Landlord via BenPropertySolutionsLTD under agreed phrases with the Landlord. Under those phrases, BenPropertySolutionsLTD is the processor. Tenant private information will also be processed via BenPropertySolutionsLTD through our internet site, e mail, CRM, marketing platform providers, and third-birthday celebration contractors, who procedure non-public facts on our behalf. This is undertaken in a manner that is regular with the Regulation and the privacy Directive. Where private data is stored; how non-public information is used: Tenant personal statistics is furnished for the purposes of acquiring BenPropertySolutionsLTD services and is saved in our databases and is ordinarily used to permit us to deliver our services. It may also be used to ship information and statistics about our offerings, to put in force and improve our services, together with format and content, to administer our website and for inner operations, along with troubleshooting, information evaluation, checking out, studies, statistical and survey functions, as a part of our efforts to hold our internet site safe and relaxed, to degree or understand the effectiveness of any marketing We serve to you and others, and to deliver relevant statistics. How lengthy personal information is saved: Tenant non-public data is stored by using BenPropertySolutionsLTD in the course of the Tenant's agreement with the Landlord and thereafter consistent with prescribed obstacle intervals underneath English regulation. Where the Tenant withdraws consent to receive advertising fabric from BenPropertySolutionsLTD or, retention of private records is no longer important pursuant to the principles set out in Article five of the Regulation, personal facts will both be deleted or archived. Where personal records is archived, it's miles kept on the way to ensure that BenPropertySolutionsLTD does not lose its facts with respect to advertising consent, or the truth of its withdrawal.

Payment Data

How non-public information is collected: Users provide charge info to BenPropertySolutionsLTD in the carrier onboarding method, in order to buy BenPropertySolutionsLTD offerings to installation computerized bills and to allow us to make bills to them (as an example, lease and deposit price range). Type of private information collected: Payment information consists of a call, cope with, bank account sort code, financial institution account number, fee card lengthy number, price card issue date, payment card expiry date, and 3-digit protection variety. Who controls the non-public records: Payment information is controlled through Users and processed by way of BenPropertySolutionsLTD under User training, challenge to terms and situations with Users. Who procedures the personal information: User price facts is processed by means of BenPropertySolutionsLTD and our third-birthday party payment gateways. How personal facts is used: User price information is used to rate for the use of our services, or to ship rent gathered via BenPropertySolutionsLTD on behalf of the Landlord. Tenant charge information can be used to debit the Tenant's account for bills required while the Tenant makes use of BenPropertySolutionsLTD offerings; it can additionally be used in which the Tenant has overpaid lease (as an instance) and a record is needed to make certain appropriate compensation.


How private information is collected: BenPropertySolutionsLTD personnel offer BenPropertySolutionsLTD with their non-public data thru e-mail, virtual, or paper-exchange, in order for the employee and BenPropertySolutionsLTD to undertake a normal enterprise-employee courting. Type of personal records accumulated: Personal records might consist of a call, cell wide variety, e-mail address, domestic address, picture, postcode, and notes approximately their function and capabilities. We accumulate touchy private data with admire to fitness, as important and in a proportionate manner. Who controls the non-public facts: Personal statistics of BenPropertySolutionsLTD personnel is controlled via BenPropertySolutionsLTD Who methods the non-public facts: BenPropertySolutionsLTD tactics worker personal information which is also processed within 1/3-birthday party platforms used to help us provide preferred employment requirements which include payment of the employee via a 3rd-birthday party payroll enterprise; or dissemination of fee data to HMRC, as is needed via regulation. How non-public facts is used by the controller: All BenPropertySolutionsLTD worker statistics is used according with the Regulation so as to ensure that the connection between the employee and BenPropertySolutionsLTD is undertaken in a way this is constant with the criminal expectancies of the events further to 1/3 events (consisting of HMRC, as mentioned above). How long personal facts is saved: BenPropertySolutionsLTD employee non-public statistics is saved inside BenPropertySolutionsLTD at some stage in the employee's contract with BenPropertySolutionsLTD and thereafter according with BenPropertySolutionsLTD facts retention coverage which shall don't forget limitation periods under the overall regulation.

Job Candidates

How non-public statistics is accrued: Candidates interested in making use of for a role at BenPropertySolutionsLTD can also offer their personal details by means of electronic mail or through our job software platform to express their hobby in a role. Type of private statistics accumulated: Personal records inputs by means of process applicants may additionally consist of: name, email, telephone number, domestic deal with, workplace, education, and paintings records along their skills. We will now not collect sensitive private statistics. Who controls the personal statistics: Job candidate information is controlled via BenPropertySolutionsLTD Who strategies private statistics: Job candidate facts is processed via our software carriers and consultants concerned in helping us to recruit applicants and manipulate personnel. How private data is used by the controller: Job candidate information is utilized by BenPropertySolutionsLTD to control and speak with candidates on the subject of the role they have got applied for at BenPropertySolutionsLTD) How personal information is used by the processor: Job candidate statistics is used by our processors to enable us to simply accept and manipulate packages and to aid decision-making methods. How long private facts is stored: Job candidate statistics is stored for so long as essential. It is then archived or deleted pursuant to our information retention framework.

Third-Party Contractors

How private records is collected: BenPropertySolutionsLTD engages 0.33 events to supply a few offerings, for example, to perform gasoline safety inspections. BenPropertySolutionsLTD makes use of a number of organizations in diverse geographies and collects the personal facts of records subjects linked to the 1/3-birthday celebration groups worried. Type of private information amassed: Personal records enter by means of information subjects related to third events can also encompass: call, electronic mail, phone wide variety, home address, place of business, talent-set, and work history alongside their capabilities. We will no longer gather touchy personal records. Who controls the personal data: Third-celebration personal information is controlled with the aid of BenPropertySolutionsLTD Who processes the private statistics: Third-birthday celebration personal information is processed by using our providers wherein such 0.33 parties require instructions through electronic mail (as an example); and wherein 1/3 parties are paid. How non-public information is used by the controller: Third-birthday party non-public data is controlled by means of BenPropertySolutionsLTD where it's far required to help in the provision of offerings. How personal records is utilized by the processor: Third-birthday celebration non-public facts is used by our processors to ensure that 1/3-birthday party contractors have the records they want to provide BenPropertySolutionsLTD with offerings and be paid for doing so. How lengthy non-public statistics is saved: Third-celebration private data is stored for as long as vital. It is then archived or deleted pursuant to our statistics retention framework.

Sharing Information

We might also percentage statistics with 0.33 parties in an effort to assist us in imparting our services; selected third events ought to include: Other BenPropertySolutionsLTD Users, for example, supplying your info to a User marketing a belongings in case you request to view that belongings. Suppliers and sub-contractors for the performance of a contract, or (through way of instance) presenting your info to a gasoline engineer to allow them to contact you and set up a date and time to visit the property at which the service has been ordered. Analytics and seek engine companies that assist us inside the improvement and optimization of our website. We may also reveal your personal information to 1/3 events: If BenPropertySolutionsLTD or significantly all of its property are obtained by using a 3rd celebration, in which case non-public records held via BenPropertySolutionsLTD (in part or in entire) can be one of the transferred belongings. If We are below a responsibility to disclose or proportion personal data to comply with any prison responsibility, or on the way to enforce or practice our terms and other agreements; or to protect the rights, belongings, or safety of BenPropertySolutionsLTD or others. This includes exchanging information with other corporations and agencies for the functions of fraud safety and credit chance discount.

Transferring Out Of The EEA

Storing personal statistics: We use cloud vendors to save our private facts. Occasionally, personal facts can be transferred to and stored at a vacation spot outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Processing personal records: We may additionally use 1/3 parties to help us supply our offerings and they'll be based totally outside the EEA. Where information is transferred out of doors the EEA, We adhere to compliance mechanisms which can be diagnosed by the European Commission, as an instance, the use of EU version agreement clauses or conformity to US Privacy Shield. Where We use sub-processors appearing on our behalf, We make certain that they adhere to compliance mechanisms that are identified by the European Commission. Where We are the processor: We may additionally transfer personal data to non-EEA (and non-ok) jurisdictions in which We are a processor, pursuant to the commands of a 3rd-birthday celebration controller, together with a Landlord. Where We do so, it's far the 1/3 party's duty to ensure that such transfer is regular with GDPR.

Data Retention Periods

BenPropertySolutionsLTD has a information retention policy that sets out how lengthy it will save private information, that's steady with Article five of the Regulation. BenPropertySolutionsLTD most effective keeps non-public facts for so long as is important. For example, BenPropertySolutionsLTD is needed to maintain certain data according with the overall law, wherein data is needed for income tax and audit functions. How lengthy certain styles of non-public records must be stored will also be governed through specific business-region requirements and agreed practices. Personal records can be held beyond those periods depending on BenPropertySolutionsLTD enterprise desires, which can be balanced in opposition to the necessities of the Regulation and the rights of the man or woman. Where We are the controller: We will retain non-public information for as long as important. As defined above, in some cases, We may have a felony or statutory responsibility to maintain records for a hard and fast period, together with the quandary duration. Where We are the processor: Personal facts is saved as advised via Landlords in accordance with their technique to retention of personal facts furnished that this is inside the Regulation. We advocate that you view (in which applicable) their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for greater statistics.

Security Measures

We have carried out security features that are designed to assist defend the private facts We gather or acquire in reference to our offerings, from unauthorized get right of entry to or disclosure. For instance, We use encryption strategies to ensure the safety of information; We additionally use password safety. However, no transmission or storage of statistics may be assured to be completely at ease and We can't ensure or warrant the safety of any information which We accumulate and shop. Cookies We use cookies to differentiate you from other customers of our internet site. This facilitates us to provide you with an excellent enjoy whilst you browse our internet site and allows us to improve our website. By continuing to browse the website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. A cookie is a small report of letters and numbers that We store to your browser or the tough pressure of your laptop if you agree. Cookies include statistics that is transferred for your laptop's tough force. We use the following cookies: Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies which can be required for the operation of our internet site. They encompass, for example, cookies that enable you to log into comfortable regions of our website. Analytical/overall performance cookies: These permit us to understand and rely the quantity of visitors and to see how visitors pass around our website whilst they're using it. This allows us to enhance the way our website works, as an instance, by using making sure that customers are finding what they may be seeking out easily. Functionality cookies: These are used to understand you whilst you go back to our website. This allows us to customize our content for you, greet you by means of name, and bear in mind your possibilities (for example, your desire of language or vicinity). Targeting cookies: These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you've got visited, and the links you have accompanied. We will use this information to make our website extra relevant to your pastimes.

First Party Cookies

How do I block first-celebration cookies? You block first-birthday celebration cookies by using activating the settings in your browser that assist you to refuse the placing of all or some cookies. However, in case you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you could no longer be capable of access all or parts of our website.

Third-Party Cookies

We may additionally use third-birthday party offerings consisting of Google Analytics cookies to tune anonymous utilization records however We do now not acquire any non-public data that may be used to become aware of you. This information helps us analyze internet web page utilization and enhance our website to tailor it to our audience wishes. Services including Google Analytics shop information about what pages you visit, how lengthy you are on the website, how you obtain there, and what you clicked on. These are cookies served by using a 3rd-party carrier issuer and are generally used to become aware of your pc whilst it visits every other website, as an instance, while you log in to a social media website online to share a piece of writing.

How do I block 1/3 birthday party cookies?

You block 1/3 birthday celebration cookies by way of activating the setting to your browser that permits you to refuse the placing of all or some cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to dam all cookies (together with vital cookies) you can now not be capable of get right of entry to all or components of our website. Further Information More data approximately cookies may be discovered at (Company Site Link Here) Internet Advertising Bureau: Guide to online advertising and privateness International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom: ICC UK cookie manual

Your Right To Complain

If you have got a criticism about the manner We technique your non-public data, you could register your concern by way of contacting the Information Commissioner of the UK (the Information Commissioner) and following the commands set out at BenPropertySolutionsLTD Where you desire to touch BenPropertySolutionsLTD approximately your concerns, please touch (Company Email Here)

Contacting You

The private records We process is concern to rigorous measures and techniques to decrease the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure. We will get in contact with the supervisory authority (which in BenPropertySolutionsLTD case, is the Information Commissioner) and with affected information topics wherein that is required below the Regulation. Changes To This Privacy Statement If We change this privacy declaration, We will let you recognize approximately the modifications by using publishing the updated model on our website.

Your Rights

At the request of the statistics situation and in which this is technically possible, We will verify the data We hold approximately the records situation and the way it is processed. Asset out inside the Regulation a records situation can request the following data: Identity and the touch info of the person or employer that has decided how and why to procedure private statistics. In some cases, this could be a consultant within the EU. Contact details of the records safety officer, where relevant. The purpose of the processing as well as the criminal basis for processing. If the processing is based on the valid interests of BenPropertySolutionsLTD or a 3rd celebration, data about those pursuits. The categories of private records accrued, saved, and processed. Recipient(s) or classes of recipients that the information is/may be disclosed to. If We intend to transfer the non-public data to a 3rd UK Or worldwide employer, statistics about how We ensure that is done securely. The EU has approved sending personal records to some countries because they meet a minimal preference for statistics safety. In different cases, We will make certain there are precise measures in the vicinity to secure information.

How long the non-public facts will be saved.

Details of statistics problem's rights to accurate, erase, limit, or object to such processing. Information approximately the information concern's right to withdraw consent at any time. How to report to a grievance with the supervisory authority. Whether the supply of personal records is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement vital to go into right into a contract, as well as whether or not We are obliged to offer the private records and the viable consequences of failing to offer such information. The source of personal information if it wasn't amassed directly from you. Any info and facts on automatic selection making, such as profiling, and any significant statistics approximately the common sense concerned, in addition to the importance and expected results of such processing.

What forms of ID will I want to offer a good way to access this?

BenPropertySolutionsLTD accepts the following kinds of ID when information on your non-public facts is requested: passport, using a license, start certificate, utility invoice from the previous three months. We reserve the right to request similar records in which your identification isn't clear.

Contact Details

Ben Property solutions LTD Unit 57, Seven Sisters Market 231-243 High Road, Tottenham London N15 5BT Email: info@benpropertysolutions.com